Periodontal Treatment – for a healthy foundation

Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the gums and the supporting structures of the teeth. Together with caries (tooth decay), it is one of the most common causes of tooth loss.

Both diseases are caused by bacteria which have accumulated in dental plaque.

Bleeding of the gums, bad breath, tooth loosening or gingival atrophy are the first symptoms of periodontitis and require immediate treatment.

In some cases, periodontitis occurs without these symptoms; increasing the risk of the infection spreading. 

More than half of the population suffers from periodontitis - significantly less than a generation ago. In the past, most grandparents wore dentures - today nearly all of them still have their own teeth.

Periodontology is one of the primary pillars of our practice, because, just as a beautiful and architecturally sound house needs a strong foundation, beautiful and healthy teeth require the foundation of healthy gums and supporting dental structures to thrive. Since periodontal disease affects the entire organism and can severely stress the immune system, we also make sure to diagnose, advise and treat the patient as a whole person.