Dr. Karsten Ringleb

The Man Who Gets to the Bottom of Things

Dr Karsten Ringleb likes solutions. Problems, according to the Frankfurt dentist, exist for only one reason: to find the best possible solution for them. The endodontics expert does this for his patients every day - especially when it comes to the filigree treatment of the root canal. Root canal treatments "mean working on the detail," says Ringleb. They demand care from the doctor, a lot of time - and from the patient forbearance. Calm and a trusting atmosphere are therefore the top priority for the Heppenheim-born doctor.
Ringleb was already intensively involved with his special field of endodontics during his studies and in his dissertation. He continually expands his specialist knowledge, on the one hand with further professional training, on the other hand through exchanges in various expert circles and on 
www.dental-online-college.com, a further training platform for dentistry.

The dentist also likes to get to the bottom of things privately: If an electrical device is defective, he tinkers and repairs until - naturally - the problem is solved. In addition, the fine craftsman likes fast volleys –  both literally in tennis and volleyball, and in a figurative sense during technical discussions with colleagues. He values free time with family and friends as much as working in a team, "because other ideas always come into play". And solutions a little closer.

Dr. Karsten Ringleb – Certified specialist in endodontics