Dr. Christoph Hegerl

The Harmonizer in our Practice

Described best with an image, Dr. Christoph Hegerl understands how to mesh things. He brings worlds together and connects facets in such a way that a coherent whole is created. A professional example: "White aesthetics are not possible without the red one," says the dentist and specialist for periodontology and aesthetic dentistry. "Healthy teeth only work if the gums and the holding apparatus are healthy." He is convinced that beautiful teeth are not just white, but bright and natural: "They must harmonize with the face and personality.”

Dentistry is like chess to Hegerl - complex and mentally challenging. One is "challenged manually and intellectually, and the treatment is the end of a long decision-making process". To achieve optimal results, the expert relies on exchanges with his colleagues from the practice, which he founded in 1994 together with Dr. Frank Meckbach, and with fellow dental professionals from the United States, some of whom he met at regular further professional training courses there, and others at the Seattle Study Club (SSC). In 2006 he was the first German to be appointed to this illustrious circle of dentistry.

Hegerl also cultivates harmonious diversity privately - with art, photography, film and music. He studied theatre studies and philosophy before he switched to dentistry "because I can make a meaningful contribution with my knowledge and never stop learning". He also ensures harmony in the dental practice: through good art on the walls.

Ästhetische Zahnmediziner
in Frankfurt auf jameda

Dr. Christoph Hegerl – Certified specialist in periodontics, periodontal surgery and specialist in aesthetic dentistry