Dental aesthetics

Veneers – a gentle way to attain beautiful teeth

For patients who suffer from tooth discoloration, tooth gaps, damaged front teeth or slight misalignments, veneers allow for gentle aesthetic correction, especially in the front portion of the mouth.

Ultra-thin ceramic veneers are applied to the teeth with a special adhesive, for which the teeth are only minimally prepared in advance.

Veneers are made of the finest glass or feldspar ceramics. They are highly biocompatible and do not cause any health problems.

It is not always possible to veneer a tooth, for example if the enamel is too thin or the tooth surface is seriously damaged. In such cases, crowns are the appropriate method for restoring flawless tooth appearance and dental health. For crowning, the we reduce the size of the tooth in question by about one to two millimetres. The dental technician prepares a matching all-ceramic crown in the laboratory whose shade is adapted to the adjacent teeth.

No dental situation is alike - each dental solution we develop will be as unique as you are.