Calm – even during minor interventions

For many people, a visit to the dentist is still an anxiety-provoking experience, since they involuntarily associate the concept of “dentist” with “pain.”. If that is the case, in order to avoid emotional stress, we can offer sedatives or anaesthesia even for small and essentially painless dental interventions on request, if not medically counter-indicated.

In consultation with you, we will decide whether to use a general anaesthetic or short-term sedation, which puts the patient into a light twilight sleep. Both methods guarantee complete freedom of pain.

The anaesthetics in our practice are administered by an experienced specialist qualified for anaesthesia in Germany, using the latest equipment and monitors. While you are sedated, you are carefully cared for by a trained anaesthetics team. After an appropriate waking-up period, you may leave the practice accompanied by a friend or relative.